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Avoiding Illness at Work

It can be difficult to avoid getting ill at work, particularly if you work in close quarters. While you may not be able to avoid germs altogether, these tips can help reduce your risk of getting sick:

·         Wash your hands. Germs can cling to many surfaces in the workplace, including lift buttons, doorknobs and refrigerator doors. To protect yourself from illness, it’s important to wash your hands regularly, especially before you eat or after you cough, sneeze or use the toilets.

·         Keep your distance. Illnesses like the cold or flu can spread even if you aren’t in close contact with someone. In fact, experts say that the flu can spread to another person as far away as 1 metre. If you notice a co-worker is sick, it’s best to keep your distance.

·         Get a flu jab. Yearly flu jabs are the single best way to prevent getting sick. Contrary to popular belief, flu jabs cannot cause the flu, though side effects may occur. Often, these side effects are minor and may include congestion, coughs, headaches, abdominal pain and wheezing.

In addition, it may be a good idea to avoid sharing mobiles, computers and food with your co-workers during flu season. Together, these strategies can help you stay healthy at work.

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