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News — January 2016

Update Your Systems With Cyber Liability Cover

The risk of businesses experiencing data breaches has become self-evident. Just a cursory glance at the news will... Read further

Group Personal Accident Insurance

A study of the economic activity of the company plays an important role in reinforcing their effectiveness from an... Read further

Higher Fines and Negative Publicity Risk for Employers

Higher Fines and Negative Publicity Risk for Employers over National Minimum Wage The national minimum wage (NMW) is... Read further

Time to Review Your Business Interruption Insurance

With advanced planning, there are measures you can take to protect your company’s bottom line.  To safeguard your... Read further

Do You Know How a Basis Clause Can Affect Your Insurance?

Even if you hold the proper commercial insurance cover, depending on the specific terms of your policy, the insurer may... Read further

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