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JCT Contract Specific Insurance

Inspire Insurance Services are able to offer tailored quotations for JCT or NEC3 insurance clauses or equivalent. Both JCT and NEC3 insurance requirements stipulated in building contracts can be insured on a standalone basis or as an extension of your liability insurance and can either be on an annual or single contract basis.

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What is Joint Names?

Joint Names is a term used in construction insurance where the policy accommodates the responsibilities under contract for the employer and the contractor. This extension will apply to both new build and refurbishment/extension contracts where Joint Names will be required for both the contract works and the existing structure.


Main Insurable Contract Clauses

6.5.1 - Non-Negligence Indemnity (Previously 21.2.1)

This policy covers the employer in respect of non-negligent damage or injury to any property when undertaking construction works including neighbouring properties. Cover includes claims for vibration, subsidence, collapse, weakening or removal of support. The policies are automatically issued in joint names of the contractor and employer.

6.7.3A - Option A

For projects involving new works - Contractor to arrange insurance in joint names of the contractor and employer on an 'All Risks' basis.

6.7.3B - Option B

For projects involving new works - Employer to arrange insurance in joint names of the employer and contractor on an 'All Risks' basis. 

6.7.3C - Option C

For works consisting of the refurbishment of or modification or extension to existing structures - Employer to arrange insurance in joint names with the contractor on an 'All Risks' basis.

6.7.3C.1 - Option C

Damage to existing structures and their contents for specified perils - Employer to arrange insurance in joint names with the contractor.


Why Include Joint Names on Construction Policies?

Including joint names eliminates the need for each party to take out a policy for their own responsibilities, simplifying the task somewhat for the project. Using joint names also reduces the risk of dual insurance, which is where two insurance policies cover the same subject matter for the same risk. Using joint names ensures that the parties cannot claim against one another and it makes it impossible to cancel the policy without all parties being notified.


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