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Roofing & Cladding Contractor Insurance

The award-winning team at Inspire Insurance are specialists in providing bespoke cover to Roofing and Cladding Contractors. Protect your liabilities with specific cover tailored to your industry. Get a hugely competitive quote today, give us a call on 02476 939046 or fill in the quotation form today.

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Specialist Cover for Roofing & Cladding Contractors

Inspire Insurance offer a range of bespoke insurance solutions for Roofing Contractors and Cladding Contractors, discover the specialist range of insurance products below.

  • Employers & Public Liability

  • Motor Fleet

  • Professional Indemnity

  • Insurance Backed Guarantees



Competitive Schemes Available for Contractors

Our specialist team have a number of competitive schemes available for specific contractor trades including Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Roofing and Cladding Contractors. Cover includes:

  • Hot Works
  • Cladding Contractors
  • Unlimited Height
  • Removal of Non-Notifiable Asbestos 
  • A Rated Insurers

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Motor Insurance

Your job would be difficult without a vehicle — you need a reliable way to arrive at the worksite with your tools. Vans are the easiest method of transport to bring people and necessary tools to the worksite, and commercial motor insurance is required if your business operations include driving.

Personal Accident

As an employer, if you get injured on the job you cannot claim against yourself under the liability policy. It is likely the same for your partners. To make sure your key personnel are covered, purchase personal accident insurance. It can cover death, disablement and loss of limbs or sight.

Because personal accident can provide additional cover for crucial employees or directors, it can extend beyond mere working hours. You can find policies that are purely occupational, meaning they cover only Roofing & Cladding Insurance occupational hazards — or policies that are 24-hour, meaning they provide protection all day, every day.

Own Tools and Equipment

Your tools serve as an extension of yourself—without them your job becomes alarmingly difficult, maybe impossible.

Consider tools and equipment cover, which can be offered on a ‘commercial all risks’ basis, meaning any risk not mentioned in the contract is covered. It insures tools and larger equipment such as excavators and diggers.

Theft from unattended vehicles is often excluded, but you can purchase an extension to account for this gap. Because motor insurance does not cover the tools and equipment inside your vehicles, tradesmen usually purchase commercial motor cover and a plant tools and equipment policy.

Based on your business operations, you can split cover to apply only to your own premises or to your worksites.

Hired-in Plant

The machinery and tools used by roofers and cladders are expensive, specialised pieces of equipment. Because purchasing machinery or tools comes with very high up-front costs, many tradesmen opt to hire the necessary equipment. Hiring equipment exposes tradesmen to more risks, but those can be mitigated by purchasing hired-in plant cover.

Hired-in plant insurance covers the hired equipment in the event of loss, theft or damage. The owner of the plant will usually require you to purchase hired-in plant cover as part of your contract.

When working on somebody else’s premises, you are still responsible for the equipment you have hired. This equipment is vital to get your job done, so do not leave it up to chance.

Contract Works

As you work to complete a project, you cannot forget that you are working under the conditions of a contract.

Imagine: As you near the completion of a six month construction project, your building suffers irreparable damage and you must start all over. The loss would be massive. You can help protect against these ever-present threats by purchasing contract works cover. Contract works can cover temporary and permanent works executed according to the terms of a contract. It can also cover materials which have not yet been incorporated into the work prior to the loss, as well as own and hired plant and tools and equipment on-site or in transit.

Manage Your Risks

Tradesmen face all sorts of different risks depending on their specific occupation. In order to protect your financial viability as a roofer or cladder, you will need a bespoke policy that addresses your unique risks. We can do that for you.

Contact Inspire Insurance Services today to begin insuring yourself for a successful future.

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